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2014 CRCA Safety Program a Success

The CRCA OSHA Alliance seminar at the 2014 Chicagoland Roofing Contractors Association was a huge success. For the past several years, the CRCA safety committee has teamed up with local OSHA personnel to deliver a presentation to the membership. This seminar is always held on Friday morning during the show and presented in the Drury Lane Theatre due to the high turn out. This year was nor different, with attendance topping the 400 participant mark!

At this years program, we had several guest speakers come in to discuss why safety is important for today's professional roofing contractor. Our first speaker, Gary Eaton, discussed the impact that a contractors safety record can have on their insurance costs. Gary is a principle of Columbian Agency, an insurance broker located in New Lenox, IL that writes several CRCA members. Gary spoke in detail on how not only accidents have a direct financial impact on a contractor, but also the challenges that contractors may have obtaining insurance competitively in the future. Gary also expanded upon a contractors insurance rating (EMR) being used as a method for potential customers to evaluate contractors prior to awarding work.

The second speaker of the day was Jim McInerny from Leopardo Construction located in Hoffman Estates, IL. As the Vice President of field operations, Jim is responsible for superintendents, field staff, risk management and safety which ps three offices, hundreds of employees and job sites, and several specialty groups - including interiors, healthcare, federal, retail, municipal, recreation, office/ industrial, education, hospitality, residential and aviation. Jim spoke in detail on what he and other general contractors expect from a roofing contractor in today's environment. He discussed the importance of constant evaluation of subcontractors and importance of an exemplary safety record for not only Leopardo, but also Leopardo's customers.

The final speakers of the day consisted of several representatives from the local OSHA offices, most of whom have been involved with the CRCA program in the past. They reviewed the top 10 OSHA citations in the roofing industry for 2013 as well as discussed compliance emphasis areas going into 2014. following OSHA's presentation the entire group participated in a lively discussion on these topics providing for some valuable takeaways for all involved.

The presentation was concluded with the renewal of the Alliance between OSHA and the CRCA. Members from both parties were in attendance for the signing which is a sign of the commitment on both sides to work together to provide a safe workplace for the CRCA contractor. We look forward to continued success with the Alliance program and a safe and productive 2014!

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