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Safety Check Inc. Offers Their Expertise to the Equestrian World

(SCI) has opened their doors to equestrians across the country and all disciplines. This highly respected company has been professionally active since 1994 in most notably the construction and general industries. Since the company’s inception, Janet Flury—founder and CEO—has been dynamic in growing a renowned safety business in addition to continuing her passion and service towards the equestrian community of Northern Illinois. These two seemingly divergent paths have now crossed with the advent of growing safety concerns of riders, trainers, breeders, and veterinarians amongst all walks of equestrians.

The Safety Professionals of SCI combine over 50 years of experience who specialize in protecting workers, the public, property, and the environment by identifying, evaluating, and controlling hazards. The equestrian safety industry offers unique challenges in predicting the behavior of large animals. Gregory Scannell, ASP, Equestrian and SCI consultant offers this comparison,

I approach horses the same as large construction machinery — dangerous not by disposition but by awe of sheer size and power. Respect for the animal is paramount.

SCI would like to extend a one time offer to all readers of this publication. Please contact the below information for entrance into a one time drawing for a chance to win a Safety Check consultation of your choice. SCI professionals are trained in equine health hazard analysis and accident prevention. For a barn or facility walkthrough, event presentation, or employee training please feel free to contact SCI at (815) 475-9991 or at and remember to stay up to date with all of SCI’s updates by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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