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Spanish Toolbox Talks Now Available

Safety Check, Inc. is proud to announce a fully-updated Toolbox Talk Program that is available in both English and Spanish. We recognize the value in working with employees intimately and communicating with them on their level. With Spanish being very prevalent within the construction industry, Safety Check, Inc. has invested in resources for our clients fluent or native in Spanish. We offer trainings in Spanish, but are also offering a comprehensive annual Toolbox Talk Program in Spanish that’s customized to your company’s needs. Continuous training is essential for keeping safety on the forefront of employees’ minds; Toolbox Talks are great for refreshing previous trainings and opening a dialog for employees to ask questions if they don’t fully understand a topic. Communicating with Hispanic employees who don’t speak much English can clear up confusion, provide a much better training experience, and shows employees that management cares about the proper education and safety of their work force.

If you would like to receive trainings, Toolbox Talks, or other resources in Spanish, feel free to contact our office at (815) 475-9991. Please note, if you would simply like to purchase our Toolbox Talk Program without any additional services, that is also an option.

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